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Creative Award

Each year, Imminent celebrates the best innovators in the culture of languages. They are an inspiration to everyone who works to create a multilingual world in which each person can understand and be understood by everyone else, in their own language.
Imminent will award any project on language, creativity and culture, that respond to the following values and therefore criteria:

Optimism = projects able to build a better future

Diversity  = multicultural projects, or projects born from a collaboration of linguists with a strong focus on inclusion

Human growth = educational projects that use language to generate new culture for the new generations

Simplicity = projects that make the intercultural comprehension easier

Impact = projects that have a big social impact or change people behaviour

Hard work = projects with a solid research background 

Engagement = projects able to engage communities

Projects can be either selected by the Imminent team or submitted through this website, in form of abstracts of 500 hundreds word and a video presentation of 2 minutes. Mail to Format:  (MPEG – 4 or MOV)  Attach may not exceed 20 mega. Deadline July, 20, 2021

Winners will be the stars of an important event. In addition, they will give an online lecture on Imminent’s platform and will remain as Imminent trustees for the following three years, contributing to the nomination of the candidates for the next three years’ awards.

The first Imminent Language Culture Award ceremony will be in September 2021. Stay tuned.