Translated's Research Center

What’s Imminent?

Imminent is Translated’s Research Center which supports companies in localization, funds language data research, and rewards the best initiatives that advance technology and creativity for international communication.

Imminent’s Research Director explores the Imminent universe.

An awareness of languages is an integral part of any respectful and open-minded approach to intercultural relations. Any international project can be improved if it has a way to express itself in the languages with which it seeks genuine contact. But in this era of sweeping transformation, everything is changing; these principles are evolving, driven by the great modern-day engines of change. 

In turn, the system of linguistic services is changing: artificial intelligence technology is becoming part of its underlying structure, while the system harnesses human professionalism for tasks with ever-increasing added value. 

Imminent listens to the experts, interprets the numbers, and develops themes that join the dots of this great change, helping those who do business internationally to do so with an awareness of the multilingual context in which they operate.

Research always needs to align closely with its applications. This is why Imminent aims to support the studies of researchers in areas related to its field. The center assigns grants based in part on the suggestions of representatives belonging to the industry and culture of the world of language services.

Alongside devising indicators and scenarios, Imminent is concerned with strengthening a community. For this reason, it organizes two awards: one to bring together translation professionals and copywriters, and the other to bring together those who design translation automation tools and innovators and leaders in the world of artificial intelligence.

Every year, Imminent produces its report. Every month, it stays up to date by listening to experts and fine-tuning indicators. Every day, it listens to international news and makes it available on Twitter via the ImminentNews account.

While the future may not be evenly distributed, at every moment, somewhere in the world, a window to the future opens. And it speaks in the local language of those gazing out of this window, looking ahead. Multilingualism is a global culture. Language services are a platform that enables the future this culture can create.

Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo, Unsplash