Translated's Research Center

What’s Imminent?

Imminent is Translated’s Research Center which supports companies in localization, funds language data research, and rewards the best initiatives that advance technology and creativity for international communication.

Imminent’s Research Director explores the Imminent universe.

Imminent is Translated’s research center, a place to research, connect, share, and ultimately create the most relevant ongoing global conversation on language and AI. 

AI and new operating models are changing the world, starting with localization, opening up immense opportunities but also posing new challenges. Imminent aims to bring together different communities of experts from across the world to understand the consequences of this transformation, creating a motivated global community eager to collectively understand what lies ahead of us.

Imminent is both a virtual and a physical space to learn more about the challenge of languages for companies, communities, and citizens around the globe. To delve deeper in knowing and understanding the key issues, concerns, and expectations surrounding the ongoing discussion on humans and language-related Al. 

While the future may not be evenly distributed, every moment, somewhere in the world, a window to the future opens. And it speaks in the local language of those gazing through this window, looking ahead. Imminent listens to the experts, interprets the numbers, and develops themes that join the dots, all over the world.

Every year, Imminent produces its report with an assortment of information from experts in different fields, featuring interviews with specialists, research papers, and data on rapidly developing countries. 
Every month, it stays up to date by listening to local news and fine-tuning insights, delivering an exclusive selection of articles and papers to help readers better understand cultures and languages through its newsletter. 
Every day, it listens to international news and makes it available on X in English via the ImminentNews account, in Italian via the Imminent Notizie dal Mondo account, and in German via the Imminent Weltweite Nachrichten account. 

To help innovators who share the goal of making it easier for everyone living in our multilingual world to understand and be understood by everyone else, each year Imminent funds five original research projects with grants to explore the most advanced frontiers in the world of language services.

Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo, Unsplash