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Nikita Agarwal


Nikita Agarwal heads Milestone Localization, a language company based out of Bangalore, India that works with businesses around the world to help them communicate across cultures. She started the company when she was 24 after spending three years travelling to Europe and China for business meetings where she worked with translators and interpreters and got introduced to the localization industry. Nikita speaks Hindi, Kannada and English and writes articles on entrepreneurship, marketing, languages and localization.

Daniel Pimienta

Responsible at the Observatory of Linguistic & Cultural Diversity on the Internet.

Daniel Pimienta is a board member and former Exec. Sec. of the World Network for Linguistic Diversity (MAAYA). He manages the Observatory of languages and cultures on the Internet since 1989 being a pioneer in cyber-metrics and the measure of the space of languages in the Internet. He was given, in 2008, the Namur Award for his comprehensive actions in the perspective of a positive social impact of ICT.

Sam Wukui Bao


Once a student in architecture, Sam Wukui Bao later discovered his passion for language and culture. He pursued translation studies at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, while actively engaging in translation projects with various social and cultural institutions. Having obtained his master’s degrees, Sam Bao further honed his skills through an internship at the Chinese Translation Service, United Nations Secretariat, assisting in translating summary records of U.N. conferences and provisional agenda items of the 74th General Assembly. Since then, he has been working in the gaming industry, providing simplified Chinese translation for high-profile products.

Renato Beninatto

CEO Nimdzi Insights

Renato Beninatto is the co-author of The General Theory of the Translation Company and leads Nimdzi Insights, a think-tank and consulting company that focuses on growth strategies for localization leaders. A former executive in some of the leading companies in the industry, Renato is also the co-host of The Global Podcast.

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Maria Casadei


Maria Casadei is a passionate young researcher of South Asian cultures and languages. She graduated in Languages, Cultures and Societies of Asia and Mediterranean Africa at the University of Venice, Italy. She pursued her studies at the University of Naples, with a specialization in Hindi and Urdu language. In 2021, Maria completed a three year course in Telugu language and literature at INALCO, Paris. Currently she is a PhD student at the Jagiellonian University, investigating the relationship between language, culture and Internet.

Silvia Currò

Translator and Interpreter

Silvia Currò has been a professional English/German to Italian translator for over 30 years. Native to Italy, she graduated with a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, lived in different countries in Europe and overseas, and finally moved back to her hometown, Genoa, where she started working as a freelancer in technical translation and language localization, after a career as a product manager in the pet food industry. For many years now her main focus is medical translation. New technologies and Artificial Intelligence are among her many interests. That is why her web space is called Translation Log.

The job of the freelance technical translator: an opportunity for inspiration and self-development.

Giordano De Marzo


Giordano De Marzo is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Physics of Sapienza University of Rome and at the Enrico Fermi Research Center. He is also Junior Data Scientist at the Complexity Science Hub of Wien, student of Sapienza School for Advanced Studies and external consultant of UNU-MERIT and ILO. He received his master’s degree in theoretical physics at Sapienza University of Rome. Giordano’s research interests cover different topics of complex systems, such as social dynamics, economic complexity, neural networks, scaling laws and networks theory.

The value of languages

Arianna Dagnino

Published Author

Born in Genoa, Italy, she studied in London, Moscow, and Boston before becoming an international reporter, which led her to spend several years in Southern Africa and Australia, where she was awarded her PhD in Comparative Literature. Arianna teaches as part of the Italian Studies program at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and is the Cultural Events Coordinator for the Dante Alighieri Society of BC.​She is a member of the Writers' Union of Canada and the Literary Translators' Association of Canada. She holds Canadian, Australian, and Italian citizenship. She is the author of several books in Italian and in English, including the novel “The Afrikaner”, a penetrating story whose narrative describes the sociocultural context of post-apartheid South Africa, and “Il Quintetto di Istanbul”, a fascinating work that takes us inside the minds of five transcultural authors.

Transculturality in today’s world

Michele Gazzola

Lecturer in Public Policy and Administration at the School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences at Ulster University, UK.

Michele Gazzola holds a PhD in Multilingual communication management (University of Geneva), a MSc in Economics (University of York, UK), and a degree in Public administration and international institutions management (University “L. Bocconi”, Milan). His research areas include public policy, language policy and planning, the economics of languages, and multilingualism as a social phenomenon. He is editor of the academic journal Language Problems & Language Planning.

No taxation without translation

Marco Gervasi

Leading expert in the E-commerce, Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing sectors in China

Marco Gervasi was the founder and managing director of Red Synergy Shanghai, a company that provides legal and strategic assistance in the Chinese market. Marco has over fifteen years of experience in China, where he assists industrial companies, investment funds, venture capital and Internet companies in their investment strategies.

E-commerce strategies in China

Josh Goldsmith

Co-Founder and Chief Educational Officer of Techforword

Josh Goldsmith is a UN and EU accredited translator and interpreter working from Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan into English. He splits his time between interpreting, translating, and working as a trainer and researcher focusing on the intersection between interpreting, technology and education. As Co-Founder and Chief Educational Officer of techforword, Josh shares tips about technology, translation and interpreting in conferences and workshops, academic articles, and on Twitter.

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Jan Hinrichs

Founder and CEO of Beluga

Jan Hinrichs is the founder and CEO of Beluga, a translation company helping fast-moving companies run efficient localisation programs and positively engage with their global audiences. In the past 15 years, Jan has been deeply involved in the emerging market of web-service and mobile app localisation and the supportive software infrastructure of online TMS to guarantee smooth and continuous translation workflows. In early 2019 he started the global LocLunch movement. With more than 500 events worldwide, LocLunch has added a new layer of communication to the translation and localisation industry.

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Priya Mani


Priya Mani is a Copenhagen based designer and cultural researcher working to create gastronomical experiences.Mani grew up in India and studied at the National Institute of Design. In her career, over the past 20 years, she has pursued the craft of culture, through textiles, technology and food. She is particularly interested in the human factor and has worked for over a decade in the area of design and innovation across industries. She explores and writes on how people use everyday technology, migration and food and digital democracy in emerging economies.

Joseph Mariani

Research Director Emeritus at CNRS

Joseph Mariani is now Research Director Emeritus at CNRS. His research activities concern Spoken Language Processing, Human-Machine Communication and Human Language Resources and Technologies.

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Sandeep Nulker


Sandeep Nulkar is the Founder and CEO of one of India’s oldest translation companies, BITS Private Limited and the Co-founder of Vernac Language Technologies that developed India’s first crowdsourced translation platform. He was recently re-elected as the President of India’s language industry body, CITLoB. Sandeep is the first Asian to receive the Outstanding Contribution to the Language Industry Award at the ATC’s Annual Language Industry Summit in 2016 and is also a recipient of the Udyami Award for Entrepreneurship in 2017. Sandeep has served on the Advisory Board of the Rajya Marathi Vikas Sanstha, a body constituted by the Ministry of Education, Government of Maharashtra.

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Vidushi Kapoor


Vidushi graduated from Delhi University with a degree in Economics. After working with Ernst & Young and Goldman Sachs, her deep interest in Indian languages combined with a passion to solve complex problems, led her to join hands with veterans in the language technology space to co-found Process9. Nine years into the industry, she has helped build products & solutions for the various challenges brought forth by Process9's clients, and has learnt to read and speak many new Indian languages along the way. She has spoken at forums hosted by FICCI, CITLoB and others.

Michaël Oustinoff

Professor in Translation Studies

Michaël Oustinoff is associate Professor in Translation Studies at the Institute of the Anglophone World, University of Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle and currently on sabbatical leave at the ISCC, the Institute for Communication Sciences of the CNRS.

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Vivekanand Pani

Co-founder & CTO, Reverie Language Technologies

Vivek is the Co-Founder and CTO of Reverie Language Technologies, a company specializing in text and speech technologies for Indian languages.  With more than 20 years of experience in Indian Language Computing, Vivek is one of the very few subject matter experts who are passionate and dedicated to making usage of Indian languages easy on digital platforms. Vivek began his Indian language journey at the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Pune, in the year 1997. His journey spans across developing advanced multilingual tools for early computing devices and word processing software for computers to leading today’s state of the art AI-driven Indian language technologies like Automated Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, Text-to-Speech, Natural language.

Adebola Rayo

Storyteller | Communications Professional

Adebola Rayo is a storyteller. She is the co-founder of Asterism, a communication company where she and her team work on projects that mix storytelling with other art forms. Her work has appeared in the Lagos Noir anthology, The Republic Journal, Quramo Report, and Saraba Literary Magazine amongst others. She is driven by a belief that nuanced stories have the power to build the future. She has an LL.B from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, and a master’s degree in Corporate and Marketing Communications from IE Business School, Spain.

Blessing Sibanda

Software developer

Blessing Sibanda is a Natural Language Processing researcher at Masakhane since its inception in 2019. He has been working on creating language datasets for tasks such as Named Entity Recognition, Part of Speech and machine translation for low resource African languages, specifically Shona, his native language from Zimbabwe. He is passionate about the involvement and empowerment of native language speakers to work on language technologies for their language.

Esther Tan

Senior Researcher

Esther Tan obtained her doctoral degree in the Learning Sciences at the Munich Center of the Learning Sciences (MCLS), University of Munich (LMU), Germany in 2015. She was an assistant professor from 2016 to 2018 at the Open University of the Netherlands (OUNL) where she focused her work on two Erasmus+ research projects: Let’s Learn to Learn (LELLE) and MOOQ (quality of MOOCs): the latter was awarded the most innovative Erasmus+ project by the European Commission. She is currently the co-project investigator of “Uncovering the Process and Outcome of CSCL using MMLA – New Environments and Assessment for CSCL in the learning continuum”: a collaboration with National Institute of Education (NIE) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

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Alifya Thingna

Content Marketing | Brand Communication Lifecycle

Alifya started her career as a professional French-English translator in 2014 and quickly rose to becoming an integral part of the sales and marketing strategy team at BITS Private Limited and BITS International, as she proactively championed language industry initiatives and took on more challenging responsibilities. A passionate culture enthusiast and a strong advocate of women empowerment at heart, she also co-founded a language technology startup in 2019 (subsidiary of BITS) and took on a voluntary marketing role in the India chapter of Women in Localization. This year, she was invited to head a new division at BITS as the Chief Business Officer, where she will not only closely monitor the sales and marketing verticals, but will also look after the content strategy and the entire communication lifecycle for aspiring brands.

Jaap Van der Meer

Founder and Director, TAUS

Jaap Van der Meer is a language industry pioneer and visionary, who started his first translation company in The Netherlands in 1980. In 2005, Jaap established the Translation Automation User Society (TAUS), along with founding members from most of the leading IT companies. TAUS has become the language data network offering the largest industry-shared repository of data, deep know-how in language engineering, and a network of Human Language Project workers around the globe. TAUS mission today is to empower global enterprises and their service and technology providers with data solutions that help them to communicate in all languages, faster, better, and more efficiently.

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Kirti Vashee

Language technology evangelist at SDL

Kirti Vashee is an Independent Consultant and Language Technology Evangelist at Translated, focusing on MT and Translation Technology. Kirti has been working in the Localization and Translation industry for the last 15 years, pairing his passion for languages with his attention to the latest technologies. He has long-term sales and marketing experience in the enterprise software industry, working both in large global companies (EMC, Legato, Dow Jones, Lotus, Chase) and several successful startups.

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Guido Vetere

Ceo and co-founder at Isagog

Guido Vetere graduated in Philosophy of Language under the guidance of Prof. Tullio De Mauro at Rome Sapienza University, with a dissertation on computational linguistics. Then he spent most of his career at IBM Italia, where he has been leading the Center for Advanced Studies in Rome and Trento. He is now Adjunct Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technologies of the University of Guglielmo Marconi in Italy and head of Isagog Srl, an Italian AI startup. His research interests range from logic, knowledge representation and automated reasoning to computational linguistic models and resources.


Andy Way

Full Professor in Computing

Prof. Andy Way served as President of the European Association for Machine Translation from 2009-2015, and was President of the International Association for Machine Translation from 2011–13. He has been Editor of the Machine Translation journal since 2007. He is currently editing a series of six books for Springer in the area of Machine Translation, with two already published. Prof. Way’s research interests include all areas of machine translation: statistical MT, example-based MT, neural MT, rule-based MT, hybrid models of MT, MT evaluation, teaching MT.

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Tess Whitty

English-Swedish freelance translator

Tess Whitty is English-Swedish freelance translator specializing in digital marketing, software and website localization. She has a Master of Science in Economics and a Master of Arts in marketing and previously worked as a marketing manager. She shares her knowledge and experience in marketing and business as an award-winning speaker, trainer, consultant, author, and podcaster.

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Andrea Zaccaria


Andrea Zaccaria is a researcher at the Institute for Complex Systems (ISC)-CNR and consultant at the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group). He received his PhD in Physics at the “Sapienza” University of Rome, where he applied concepts and methods borrowed from statistical physics and the physics of complex systems to the study of financial markets. His present interests include the study of complex networks methodologies, algorithmic tools, machine learning, and their application to development economics.

The value of languages