Translated's Research Center

Research Report 2021

What is Imminent?

Imminent is Translated’s Research Center, which helps those who do business internationally to do so with an awareness of the multilingual context in which they operate. International businesses need to improve the way they assess and understand the value of a multilingual approach. Imminent supports companies with research and information in order to define a localization strategy. It also funds language data research, and rewards the best initiatives that advance technology and creativity for international communication.

What Imminent includes

  • A Research Report focusing on the main topic of the year, with interviews to the scientific committee members, research papers and most interesting data related to rapidly developing and expanding countries.
  • A factbook for each country with data about languages, media, economies and demographics.
  • Access to T-Index: original statistical indicator that assesses the value of translations for all countries in the world.
  • Original studies and stories related to language, media, and culture. 
  • Exclusive interviews, reportage and features about technologies, businesses and geopolitical shifts.
  • Imminent’s toolbox: an open digital platform conveying intercultural design topics related to language and translation studies, with a reserved area containing all economic, linguistic, cultural and social data.

Who are the experts behind Imminent?

Marco Gervasi

He is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of E-commerce, Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing in China.

Michele Gazzola

Lecturer in Public Policy and Administration at the School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences at Ulster University, UK.

Luciano Pietronero

Full Professor at the Physics Department of “Sapienza” University of Rome (since 1987) and, since 2019 President of the Enrico Fermi Research Center. Since 2016 he is also Senior Advisor of IFC-World Bank of Washington.

Salvatore Giammarresi

He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and is a leading expert in localization and global operations. He’s held leadership roles at Airbnb, PayPal, and Yahoo, and is a published author.

Guido Vetere

Adjunct Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technologies of the University of Guglielmo Marconi in Italy and head of Isagog Srl, an Italian AI startup.

Silvia Currò

Professional English/German to Italian translator for over 30 years.

Here below a few examples of what you’ll find in our Annual Research Report 2021.

Make confident decisions using our benchmarks and statistics.

An awareness of languages is an integral part of any respectful and open-minded approach to intercultural relations. 

Imminent is an objective resource for breaking down barriers and reach 100+ countries.

Any international project can be improved if it has a way to express itself in the languages with which it seeks genuine contact. The Imminent Report 2021 shows how it can be done effectively.

Gain the insights, advice and tools to achieve your mission-critical priorities.

Any company with an international strategy needs to know what opportunities are emerging thanks to the linguistic services’ evolution: artificial intelligence technology is becoming part of its underlying structure, while the system harnesses human professionalism for tasks with ever-increasing added value.

Find the full version and much more in the Annual Research Report 2021.