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With the goal of bringing a cultural perspective to language localization, every year Imminent produces a Research Report, gathering information from experts in different fields and focusing on the year’s main topic. The report features interviews with scientific committee members, research papers, and the most interesting data on rapidly developing and expanding countries. 

Word Wide Wisdom

Is it possible to improve the understanding between people that speak different languages and thus improve their ability to do things together in a smarter way? Can it be that a multilingual group is not only able to do the same things that are done by a group in which everybody speaks the same language: can it be that a multilingual group is able to do better things? In order to answer these questions we need to take into account how groups of people think and work together and how their collaboration can be improved: it is both a cognitive, organizational and technological matter, as shown by the various contributions collected in this Imminent Annual Report 2023.

What is Imminent?

Imminent is Translated’s Research Center, which helps those who do business internationally to do so with an awareness of the multilingual context in which they operate. International businesses need to improve the way they assess and understand the value of a multilingual approach. Imminent supports companies with research and information in order to define a localization strategy. It also funds language data research, and rewards the best initiatives that advance technology and creativity for international communication.

Imminent is its community.

Both the production and the sharing of knowledge at Imminent are the result of the commitment of people who devote their expertise to serving those who choose to offer Imminent their valuable time. Relationships among everyone in the community help build a culture defined by the value of multilingualism, respectful communication between different points of view, and research into uncharted territory.

Some of Imminent experts:

Luciano Pietronero

Full Professor at the Physics Department of “Sapienza” University of Rome and, since 2019 President of the Enrico Fermi Research Center.

Helga Nowotny

Former President of the ERC, the European Research Council (2010-2013) and one of its Founding Members (2007). She is Professor emerita of Science and Technology Studies, ETH Zurich.

Adebola Rayo

Co-founder of Asterism, a communication company. Her work has appeared in the Lagos Noir anthology, The Republic Journal and others. 

Ersilia Vaudo

Chief Diversity Officer and Special Advisor on Strategic Evolution at European Space Agency. Her professional journey has also taken her to Washington, where she spent 4 years managing ESA relations with NASA.

Salvatore Giammarresi

Leading expert in localization and global operations. He’s held leadership roles at Airbnb, PayPal, and Yahoo, and is a published author.

Guido Vetere

Adjunct Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technologies of the University of Guglielmo Marconi in Italy and head of Isagog Srl, an Italian AI startup.

Kirti Vashee

Independent Consultant focusing on MT and Translation Technology who was until recently a Language Technology Strategist at SDL.

Priya Mani

Designer and cultural researcher working to create gastronomical experiences. She explores and writes on how people use everyday technology, migration and food and digital democracy in emerging economies. 

Here below a few examples of what you’ll find in our Annual Research Report 2023.

Make confident decisions using our benchmarks and statistics.

An awareness of languages is an integral part of any respectful and open-minded approach to intercultural relations. 

Imminent is an objective resource for breaking down barriers and reach 100+ countries.

Any international project can be improved if it has a way to express itself in the languages with which it seeks genuine contact. The Imminent Report 2023 shows how it can be done effectively.

Gain the AI insights, advice and tools to achieve your mission-critical priorities.

Any company with an international strategy needs to know what opportunities are emerging thanks to the linguistic services’ evolution: artificial intelligence technology is becoming part of its underlying structure, while the system harnesses human professionalism for tasks with ever-increasing added value.

Discover how the neurobiological perspective of the evolution of language can open new ways of understanding.

By exploring the neurobiological perspective of the evolution of language we can gain valuable insights into how language is shaped and developed over time, in response to the demands of survival and communication.

Unlock the power of collective intelligence to drive innovation and growth.

A group of people who speak different languages is potentially richer, culturally speaking, as long as people can communicate. To design multilingual groups capable of better decisions, even if it is necessary, it may not be easy. 

Funding language technology innovators.

Each year, Imminent will allocate €100,000 to fund five original research project to explore the most advanced frontiers in the world of language services. Imminent was founded to help innovators who share the goal of making it easier for everyone living in our multilingual world to understand and be understood by all others.

Find the full version and much more in the Annual Research Report 2023. 

A multilingual annual report

Imminent’s research is an intercultural exploration: in our first year, our languages grew from 1 to 12, in our second year from 12 to 18. This is just the first step towards understanding what it means to live in a diverse world.

What Imminent includes
An open toolbox conveying intercultural design topics related to language and translation studies with interviews to the scientific committee members, research papers and most interesting data related to rapidly developing and expanding countries.

Every year

Make confident decisions using our benchmarks and statistics.

An assortment of information from experts in different fields, featuring interviews with scientific committee members, research papers, and the most interesting data on rapidly developing and expanding countries.  

Every day

Access to an open resource to break down barriers and reach 100+ countries.

A new piece of content in the Imminent toolbox: an open digital platform covering intercultural design topics related to language and translation studies, with a private area containing a Factbook for each country in the world with all the economic, linguistic, cultural, and social data. 

Every month

Take the opportunity to gain a wider perspective and easy access to local information sources.

An exclusive selection of articles and papers to help you better understand local cultures and languages. 

Every hour

Listen to international news, Translated. 

The most relevant local news of the last 24h from the most reliable source in each country, translated into English and tweeted every 30 minutes.