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May 31st Online event – “How to improve multilingual collective intelligence”

Imminent will present the 2023 Research Report The 31st of May at 6 p.m. CET / 9 a.m PDT

To achieve the best results, people need to understand each other.

A one-hour webinar in which we answer various questions, including the following: How can we leverage multilingualism for business? Which technological, linguistic, and economic dynamics come into play? Which tools can improve it? What happens to the minds of those who communicate in multilingual contexts?

What’s Imminent on the 31st of May online event?

Is it possible to improve the understanding between people who speak different languages and thus improve their ability to do things together in a smarter way?

Multilingualism is a problem or an opportunity in a company?

Salvatore Giammarresi – Head of Localization at Airbnb – shows how interesting the problem can be.

Which technological, linguistic, and economic dynamics come into play? 

Kirti Vashee – Language Evangelist at Translated, Jacob Browning –  Post-do associate in the NYU Computer Science Department, Yann Lecun –  Computer scientist, Guido Vetere – AI Adjunct Professor at Marconi University, and Marco Trombetti – Translated’s CEO – guide us in this path.

What are the singularly interesting countries that present strategic data capable of enhancing cooperation?

Insights by our linguists from Indonesia, Kenya, and Estonia.

How to interpret the generativity of cultural diversity in brands?

Patrizia Boglione – Brand Vice President at Translated – give us data and case studies to show her vision.

How socio-technical groups of people evolve together in multilingual contexts and thanks to which tools?

Ersilia Vaudo, Astrophysics from ESA, and Helga Nowotny –  former President of the European Research Council –  tell us, respectively, their experiences at ESA and ERC.

What happens to the minds of those who communicate in multilingual contexts?

The most recent findings are reported by Carlotta Barelli, Valentina Rava, Nereo Kalebic, Elena Taverna from Human Technopole, Centre for Neurogenomics and Martina Ardizzi from University of Parma.

And this is just a preview.

During the event, the community of experts who contributed to the creation of the new Imminent Research Report will start an ongoing conversation to work across cultures, disciplines, and linguistic boundaries, engaging great thinkers to develop and promote long-term answers to the business challenges of the 21st Century.