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At this significant moment, in which digital innovations have created wonderful opportunities and changed the organizational features of multiple dimensions of human life, Symbiotic Connections are the pre-condition for the most desirable scenario in which humans and machines coexist in a virtuous symbiosis: a design approach that considers not only the technological aspects but also the interplay between humans and machines, taking into account social sensitivity and emotions

Symbiotic Connections

To go deeper into knowing and understanding the perceived trade-off between artificial intelligence and humans, and explore their respective roles in designing socio-technical systems. Being that a machine’s interaction with humans is always intimate-closer, the machine’s design is not the issue anymore. To foster outcomes with a beneficial developmental trajectory, the focus is on designing socio-technical systems comprising both machines and humans.

A journey through neuroscience, localization, technology, language, and research.

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What is Imminent?

Building a bridge between research and the corporate world – supporting research through publications, interviews, and annual grants, as well as funding groundbreaking projects in the language industry – Imminent, the Translated’s Research Center, was founded to deepen, explore and understand what the key issues, concerns, and expectations are surrounding the relationship between humans and language-related Al. 

Who is Imminent?

Imminent is its community. Relationships among everyone in the community help build a culture defined by the value of multilingualism, respectful communication between different points of view, and research into uncharted territory. Imminent Trustees, Imminent Fellows, Imminent Staff.

Why Imminent?

In its fourth edition, and an established resource for leaders, the Imminent Research Report is a powerful asset to gain insights and increase an understanding of the world, helping global business leaders, localization professionals, and multidisciplinary experts to better grasp how the many nuances of language and culture can affect their awareness of markets and ultimately their performance.

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Discover the different levels of understanding: the language of gestures .
Be aware of what’s needed for a deep mutual comprehension.

Unlock the power of human and AI symbiosis:
from the machine’s design to designing socio-technical systems.
Gain insights to implement a design approach that considers not only the technological aspects, but takes into account social sensitivity and emotions. 

Discover the neurobiological perspective of mutual interaction.
Gain valuable insights into how language is shaped and how communication works

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The third edition of the Imminent Research Grants. Gain insights about the language technology innovator’s funded projects and their impact on business.

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