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Creole is spoken throughout the inhabited islands that constitute the Republic of Mauritius: Mauritius itself, but also Rodrigues and Agalega. Although it coexists with other languages, i.e., predominantly French and English (the country was a French colony first and then a British colony), Creole is the ONLY language that everyone speaks and understands. It is widely used in the media, advertising and, of course, day-to-day interactions.

Along with Creole, French and English, other languages are spoken by individual communities on the islands: Indian languages (including Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi and Bhojpuri – bank notes are, in fact, written in English, Tamil and Hindi and contain Roman, Devanagari, Tamil and Gujarati numerals), Chinese languages (Mandarin, Hakka and Cantonese) as well as Arab. This heterophonic environment, slowly accumulated through years of forced and unforced migration, constitute the pride and true wealth of Mauritians.Most words in Mauritian Creole are based on French. However, they have yielded different pronunciations, grammar and meaning over time. The word banane, for instance, is an iconic false friend in French. Firstly, it is spelled /banane/ (and not /banan/ – every letter in Mauritian Creole is pronounced) and, secondly, it has nothing to do with the fruit! Banane means “year”.

Mauritian Creole

Tou dimounn koz Kreol lor lansanb bann zil Repiblik Moris kot ena abitan, ki li Moris, Rodrig ouswa Agalega. Si Kreol existe akote bann lezot lang, setadir prinsipalman Franse ek Angle (pei-la ti dabor enn koloni franse ek answit enn koloni britanik), limem SEL lang ki tou dimounn koze e konpran. Servi Kreol dan bann media, dan bann reklam ek, evidaman, dan lavi toulezour.

Avek Kreol, Franse ek Angle, ena bann lezot lang ki servi dan bann kominote dan Moris: ena bann lang indien (notaman Hindi, Ourdou, Tamil, Telegou, Marathi ek Bhojpouri – nou bann biye labank finn ekrir an Angle, Tamil ek Hindi, avek bann sif romin, devanagari, tamil ek goujrati), bann lang sinwa (Mandarin, Hakka e Kantone) ek ousi Arab. Sa lanvironnman eterofonik la finn konstrir avek letan, atraver bann migrasion forse ek ousi lib bann dimounn. Zordi, li fer fierte tou bann Morisien e konstitie pli gran larises pei-la.

Preski tou bann mo dan Kreol Morisien sorti depi Franse me zot finn evolie pou gagn zot prop prononsiasion, reg gramer ek sinifikasion. Par exanp, si nou aret nou lor mo “banane” e konpar li avek mo franse ki ekrir parey la. Premierman, nou pa pronons zot parey: nou dir /banane/ (nou pa dir /banan/ – bizin pronons sak let dan Kreol). Deziemman, li pa ena okenn relasion avek enn fri!

Hugues, Professional translator



Official language
French, English

Actual languages
Mauritian Creole, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Urdu, Chinese 


Capital: Port Louis
Currency: Mauritian rupee
Population: 1,27 m
Population density: 624/km2


GDP: 11.16 billion USD (2021)
GDP per capita: 8,812.1 USD ‎(2021) ‎
Exports: $2.05 billion (2020)


Unemployment rate: 8.6% (2020)
Urbanisation: 40.77% (2019)
Literacy: 93% (2016)
Internet users: 46.9% penetration, 826.9 thousands


Numbering system
Arabic numbering system and dot as decimal separator

Date format: yyyy-mm-dd/ dd-mm-yyyy
Time: 24h time system
Country code: 00230

Language data sources: Worldatlas/Britannica//EF/Wikipedia; Demography data sources: IMF/Worldometers; Conventions data source: Wikipedia; Economy data sources: WTO/OEC/CIA/Esomar/Datareportal; Statistics data sources: Datareportal/WorldBank/UN/UNESCO/CEIC/IMF/Culturalatlas/Commisceoglobal

Facts and data


Imports $4.43 billion (2020).  Refined Petroleum ($521M), Non-fillet Frozen Fish ($194M), Cars ($152M), Packaged Medicaments ($139M), and Concentrated Milk ($90.4M), importing mostly from China ($781M), United Arab Emirates ($510M), India ($438M), France ($353M), and South Africa ($307M).

Financial inclusion factors (over 15 years of  age)
• 89% have an account with a financial institution
• 24% have a credit card
• 5.6% have a mobile money account
• 16% make online purchases

$2.05 billion (2020).  Processed Fish ($244M), Raw Sugar ($197M), Non-Knit Men’s Suits ($94.4M), Knit T-shirts ($87.3M), and Non-Knit Men’s Shirts ($83M), exporting mostly to France ($201M), United States ($187M), South Africa ($170M), United Kingdom ($154M), and Zimbabwe ($148M).

Economic freedom
‘Mostly free’ (rated 70.9 out of 100) Ranked 1st out of 47 African countries Ranked 30th worldwide out of 177 countries (2022, Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal)

Global Innovation Index
Ranked 1rd out of 27 Sub-Saharan African countries, 41st out of 132 worldwide.

The Global Innovation Index captures the innovation
ecosystem performance of 132 economies and tracks the most recent global innovation trends.

Economy data sources: WTO/OEC/CIA/Esomar/Datareportal

Service Imports (2018)

Source: OEC

Service Exports (2018)

Source: OEC

Most complex products by PCI

Product Complexity Index measures the knowledge intensity of a product by considering the knowledge intensity of its exporters

Source: OEC

Most specialised products by RCA Index

Specialisation is measured using Revealed Comparative Advantage, an index that takes the ratio between Mauritius observed and expected exports in each product

Source: OEC

Export Opportunities by Relatedness

Relatedness measures the distance between a country's current exports and each product, the barchart show only products that Mauritius is not specialized in

Source: OEC



Reach most of the online purchasing power

T-Index ranks countries according to their potential for online sales. It estimates the market share of each country in relation to global e-commerce.

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Media language English, French, Indian

The constitution guarantees freedom of expression and of the press. Television is the most popular medium. State-owned Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) radio and TV generally reflect government thinking. MBC is funded by advertising and a TV licence fee. Daily newspapers and weeklies offer balanced coverage in several languages. They are often critical of both the government and the opposition parties. Two media groups – Le Mauricien Ltd and La Sentinelle Ltd – dominate the press scene. BBC World Service is available via a mediumwave (AM) relay (1575 kHz). Radio France Internationale is relayed on FM.

The press

L’Express – daily
Le Mauricien
– daily
Mauritius Times – in English


MBC – state-run, operates three main channels and digital networks


MBC – state-run, broadcasting in English, French, Indian languages and Chinese; networks include RM1, RM2, Kool FM, Taal FM, One World FM
Top FM – private
Radio One – private
Radio Plus – private

Media data source: BBC

Internet Data

Internet users
46.9% penetration, 826.9 thousands

Share of web traffic by device
44.80% mobile phones, 53.55% computers (laptops and desktops), 1.60% tablet devices, others 0.05%

Median speed of mobile Internet connection
22.45  Mbps

Median speed of fixed Internet connection
19.69 Mbps

Mobile connection as a percentage of total population: 154%

Percentage of mobile connections that are broadband (3G-5G): 79.0%

Most popular web search engines
Google (95%), Bing (3.8%),Yahoo (0.52%), DuckDuckgo (0.1%), Petal Search (0.46%), Ecosia (0.06%) 

Most used social media
Facebook (79.54%), Pinterest (7.45%), Instagram (4.92%), YouTube (3.72%), Twitter (3.36%), Linkedin (0.58%), Reddit (0.43%)

Internet data sources: Datareportal/Statcounter

Social statistics

Life expectancy
74 yrs (2020)

Healthcare Expenditure
6.2%of GDP (2019)

27.51% (2019)

Median age of the population
37.5 yrs (2020) 

Social statistics sources: WorldBank/UN/UNESCO/CEIC/IMF

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Language research

Languages spoken in the Mauritius


  • Bhojpouri

  • Chinois

  • Marathi

  • Français

  • Créole Mauricien on Morisyen

  • English

The geographical distribution of languages that you will find in the maps published in this section is a work in progress. Our community is helping us to fill it up with always new and updated data. Your contribution is precious. If you want to help us, please write to

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