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oXXIgen – Online presentation

The 14th of June at 5 p.m. CET / 8 a.m PST – Imminent will present the 2022 Research Report.

With the goal of bringing a cultural perspective to language localization, every year Imminent produces a Research Report, gathering information from experts in different fields and focusing on the year’s main topic. The report features interviews with scientific committee members, research papers, and the most interesting data on rapidly developing and expanding countries. 

Why oXXIgen?

The assumption behind the 2022 Research Report is that we will see a great evolutionary leap forward in the 21st century. If this hypothesis is realistic, today’s young people will be the protagonists of an accelerated transformation and are destined to live in a new atmosphere – environmental and cultural – of our planet. 

What’s Imminent on the 14th of June online presentation?

On an online event on Zoom on the 14th of June at 5 p.m. CET/8 a.m. PST it will be presented the full content of the new 2022 Imminent Research Report – with articles , research reports and country insights – created by our multicultural interdisciplinary community of experts, who will be there with the common desire to look to the future. Below are some of the experts who will participate in the talk and some of the areas we will talk about.

Kirti Vashee on artificial intelligence

A new conversation with AI is Imminent. Want to be part of it?

Priya Mani on food design

Luciano Pietronero on the economy

Salvatore Giammarresi on localization

What’s the Imminent version of the new localization manager? 

Adebola Rayo on communication trends

It’s Imminent: will being online mean being alive?

Patrizia Boglione on design

Vivekananda Pani on communication

Martina Ardizzi on neuroscience

It’s Imminent: how will multilingualism change our brains?

This is a preview of what we will talk about. During the event, the community of experts that contributed to the birth of the Research Report, will share their perspectives joining interdisciplinary dots and linking the trends and challenges of today to the future.