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A Multilingual Research Report

Economy + Geopolitics

Imminent Research Report 2021

What is the value of being able to express one-self in every language? To what extent can the ability to do so change our understanding of the needs of others, our capacity to explain our own proposals, our chances of reaching an agreement that creates total mutual trust? How is all this changing in the world of digital globalisation, considering the progress of artificial intelligence and the platform economy

Imminent Research Report 2022

Language is not a tool that mechanically connects signs and meanings. It is a complex system that constantly evolves. The underlying hypothesis of Imminent’s 2022 Research Report is that we will witness a great evolutionary leap forward in the 21st century. If this hypothesis is realistic, today’s young people will be the leading figures of an accelerated transformation. They are the generation of the XXI century: oXXIgen.

Imminent Research Report 2023

Is it possible to improve the understanding between people that speak different languages and thus improve their ability to do things together in a smarter way? Can it be that a multilingual group is able to do better things? In order to answer these questions we need to take into account how groups of people think and work together and how their collaboration can be improved?

Imminent Research Report 2024

To go deeper into knowing and understanding the perceived trade-off between artificial intelligence and humans. Being that a machine’s interaction with humans is alway closer, the machine’s design is not the issue anymore. To foster outcomes with a beneficial developmental trajectory, the focus is on designing socio-technical systems comprising both machines and humans, taking into account social sensitivity and emotions.